Friday, September 2, 2011

Fish Roast - Toddy Shop Style

A Toddy Shop in the middle of Paddy field

This is a Spicy Fish preparation, available at a Toddy shop near my village. The cook is my friend and hence, he shared the secret of the recipe. The Secret behind this recipe is Asafoetida ( Hing).  I will post a similar prawn recipe later.

The Recipe
This recipe is for 500 gms fish.
Clean and cut the fish into medium size (curry size) pieces.
Put 3 medium size cambodge ( Kudampuli) in half cup hot water. ( We will use this later)

Heat 2 Tbsp oil in a pan/ Kadai
Crackle 1/4 tsp Mustard seeds
Add 1 inch ginger & 7-8 pods Garlic - Both finely crushed.
Add few curry leaves.
Fry till the flavour comes out.

Add 200 gms Onion ( Julienne cut). Shallots will definitely better if available.
Add 7-8 Green Chillies- Slit
Saute well till onions are transparent. Onions should not get brown.
Add one Large ripe tomato - cubed.
Add salt

Now its time to Add the spice.........
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
2 Tbsp Coriander powder
1 Tbsp Chillie powder ( Not Kashmiri chillie)
Saute well on low flame. Add 1 Tsp of Fish Masala (Ready made. Try to get Daily brand Fish Masala)
Add the cambodge and the water. Cook for a minute.
Add enough water for the gravy. May be another 300 ml will be sufficient. Bring it to boil.

The Secret......
Add half a teaspoon of Asafoetida powder
NOW, you can add the fish pieces, Correct salt to taste
Cook on slow fire till oil separates and the Gravy should be in a medium consistency.

The Yummy fish roast is ready and can be served with Tapioca, Rice, Chapathis or Parathas.

Instead of adding water, you can add coconut milk and you get a moderate spicy curry, which of course tastes different.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kozhi Chuttathu

A wonderful catalyst to make your evenings live. Whether it be a party or a camp or an excursion, Kozhi chuttathu goes well with all ages.
It is a spicy dish, can be used as starters or accompaniments.

The Recipe
Clean and cut a 1.5 kg chicken into 8 - 10 pieces. make slits on all pieces.
Rub with 1 tsp turmeric powder and 1 tsp salt for 10 minutes.

Masala Powder
2 tbsp pepper (green pepper if available is the perfect ingredient, which gives the taste)
Cardamom- 8, Cloves - 7-8, Cinnamon 1.5 Inch
Grind all the above together

Masala Paste
Mix together the above Masala powder, 2 tbsp Chillie powder, Garlic 8-10 pods ( finely crushed), Ginger 1.5 Inch ( finely crushed), 2 tbsp Sesame oil and 2 tbsp Curd

Final preparation
Marinate the chicken in the above masala paste, correct salt and keep aside for 1.5 hours.

Get Set Go.......
Wrap the chicken pieces with juice/ masala in a big banana leaf ( Green leaf of Teak also will do).
At least three layers of leaf is required.

Cook in ember/ live coal for around half an hour.

Serve Hot. This is a spicy recipe.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kappa Biriyani

The mouth watering, all time famous Kappa Biriyani, Known locally in the high ranges as Asiad. I dont know how the dish got this name. But If you have a bowl, you are sure to get the stamina to participate in Asiad.

THE RECIPE. ( Its for 1 kg Beef - 750 gm meat + 250 gm Bone & 2-2.5 kg Tapioca) Will be better if it is 1 kg beef + 250 gm bone.

This is a step by step recipe. Just follow and add ingredients as given

Heat 3 Tbsp Oil in a pressure cooker.
Add Ginger 1.5 inch - finely chopped + Garlic 7-8 cloves, crushed
Saute for a minute on low flame
Add 200 gms sliced Onions ( Small red Onions/ shallots will be perfect) and 8-9 Green chillies
Saute onions till transparent
Add 1 tsp turmeric powder, mix well.
Add 3 tbsp Coriander powder, mix well
Add 2 tbsp Chillie powder mix well
Add 1 Tsp Pepper powder, mix well.
Add Curry leaves- 2-3 sprigs
Add 3/4 glass water, bring to boil
Add Beef & bones, mix well, cover & pressure cook.

ONCE it is cooked, add 1 tsp garam masala, ( if it is home made, 1 tsp will be enough. If it is ready made, you will have to use more) Masala gives out good flavour only if it is freshly ground.

Cook Cut tapioca with a little turmeric and add required salt.

01 coconut grated, 01 handful shallots,curry leaves, turmeric.
Grind all into a coarse paste.

Use a Big pot like APPACHEMBU or a chinese Kadai
Heat Two Tbsp Coconut oil
Add the GRAVY, fry for a minute in low flame
Add cooked TAPIOCA, mix well
Add cooked Beef into it and mix thoroughly.
Add 1 tsp freshly ground pepper powder, mix well
Correct Salt.
Put off flame.
Pour some fresh coconut oil on top and some fresh curry leaves.
Mix well and cover for few minutes.

KAPPA BIRIYANI is ready and should be enjoyed hot.

Note. If you are not bothered about Cholesterol or Calories, The real recipe requires you to add Boiled and smashed eggs at the last step, which gives you the perfect ASIAD taste.

Happy Dinner to all !!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vegetable Garden Kit

On August 08th,2011, Earthcare is launching a vegetable garden kit for those who love to have some vegetables on their own. The kit is purely organic and if you have the will and around 1 space, you can have fresh and organic vegetables for your kitchen.

The kit comprises of
5 pots
Potting Mixture
Organic fertilizer
Bio growth Booster
Bio pesticide

Happy Vegetable farming !!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


I was travelling thru Cochin city last week in a bus, and I heard the wailing siren of an Ambulance from behind. Nobody was bothered to give way for the ambulance. The bus driver as usual was driving very fast and rash thru the middle of the road, after sometime, the ambulance managed to reach behind my bus and overtook the bus. Again the same story of not giving way was repeated in front of us.

You should think and care for the value of life in the ambulance. While you are in a critical stage, time gained is life. When you hear the sound of the ambulance siren, think that you are in the ambulance, and then surely you will give way...

You want to live... Just like that others also want to and have the right to LIVE...


What is a miracle ??

Ok, what in this universe is NOT a miracle???

You go to sleep every night and get up in the morning. Is in't it a miracle ?? Were you assured that you will get up in the morning?
A big tree is born out of a small seed, a chick hatches out of an egg after 21 days, birth of a child from two small cells, everything happening around you is a miracle.

You live your life as if you know the future. But, the very next second in your life is the biggest miracle...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jackfruit Festival

This evening, I had been to Gandhi Smaraka Seva Kendram, at S.L.Puram near cherthala. They had a training program conducted by Uravu, Wayand about making variety of dishes with Jackfruit. The organizers are willing to have similar programmes anywhere. They are doing this to create awareness about Jackfruit products all over so that the nutritious, organic fruit will be utilised more in future. They are giving training to ladies to produce different jack products at home as individual or as a group and to market it under a common brand.
I was surprised to see the list. here are a few, even you will be surprised.

1 Edichakka uppery
2 Edichakka achar
3 Edichakka pulikari
4 jack pakka vada
5 Jack ediyappam
6 Jack pappad
7 Jack murukku
8 Jack kondattam,
9 Jack puffs
10 Jack puttu
11 Jack cutlet
12 Jack seed soop
13 Jack laddu
14 Jack mysore pack,
15 Jack mixture
16 Jack vada
17 Jack seed uppery
18 Jack koonji uppery
19 Jack jelly
20 Jack squash
21 Jack trophy
22 Jack seed bonda
23 Jack fruit bonda
24 Jack halwa
25 Jack seed horliks
26 jack dosa
27 Jack edly
28 Jack vatteppam
29 Jack unniyappam
30 Jack Payasm mix
31 Jack Payasam
32 Jack Jam
33 Jack bolly
34 Jack varatty
35 Jack Sreekand
36 Jack Pickel
37 Jack friedrice
38 Jack soop
39 Jack Curry
40 Jack frui chips
41 Jack burfi,
42 Jack coffee
43 jack fruit sip up
44 jack fruit nutter
45 jack fruit kozhukata
46 jackfruit sukiyan
47 jack seed masala
48 jack poori
49 jack fruit chappathi
50jack ginger tea
51 jack ginger coffee
52 jack payasam 3type
53 jack payasam mix
54 Jackfruit Ready to serve products
55 Jackfruit blending products
56 Jack fruit bakery products
57 Jackfruit bars
58 Jackfruit blended candies
59 Jackfruit seed powder
60 Raw jack powder