Monday, May 10, 2010

Home outdoors

I was outdoors at home today. I am experimenting on co- existent farming. This week, we planted around 80 banana rhizomes and along with that i have started planting, beans, ladies finger, cucumber, bitter gourd, chickpeas and what not. Last year also, I did the same thing with just 5 bananas and it was more or less success. This year I am going to try it out in whole of my farm.
Nowadays, it is fun to work in the farm as it is shaded with trees, you have all those turkeys, rabbits and chicken walking along. It is fun to listen to all the birds sound all around as it is the season of birds berry, jackfruit and mango. they come to eat these. Not to forget Squirrels who come to drink nectar from Banana Blossom.
I have two uninvited friends now. One is an antelop who lives inside the bush of pineapples and the other is blackie, a dog from the neigbouring house. Balckie takes away any footwear which is in front.

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