Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jackfruit Festival

This evening, I had been to Gandhi Smaraka Seva Kendram, at S.L.Puram near cherthala. They had a training program conducted by Uravu, Wayand about making variety of dishes with Jackfruit. The organizers are willing to have similar programmes anywhere. They are doing this to create awareness about Jackfruit products all over so that the nutritious, organic fruit will be utilised more in future. They are giving training to ladies to produce different jack products at home as individual or as a group and to market it under a common brand.
I was surprised to see the list. here are a few, even you will be surprised.

1 Edichakka uppery
2 Edichakka achar
3 Edichakka pulikari
4 jack pakka vada
5 Jack ediyappam
6 Jack pappad
7 Jack murukku
8 Jack kondattam,
9 Jack puffs
10 Jack puttu
11 Jack cutlet
12 Jack seed soop
13 Jack laddu
14 Jack mysore pack,
15 Jack mixture
16 Jack vada
17 Jack seed uppery
18 Jack koonji uppery
19 Jack jelly
20 Jack squash
21 Jack trophy
22 Jack seed bonda
23 Jack fruit bonda
24 Jack halwa
25 Jack seed horliks
26 jack dosa
27 Jack edly
28 Jack vatteppam
29 Jack unniyappam
30 Jack Payasm mix
31 Jack Payasam
32 Jack Jam
33 Jack bolly
34 Jack varatty
35 Jack Sreekand
36 Jack Pickel
37 Jack friedrice
38 Jack soop
39 Jack Curry
40 Jack frui chips
41 Jack burfi,
42 Jack coffee
43 jack fruit sip up
44 jack fruit nutter
45 jack fruit kozhukata
46 jackfruit sukiyan
47 jack seed masala
48 jack poori
49 jack fruit chappathi
50jack ginger tea
51 jack ginger coffee
52 jack payasam 3type
53 jack payasam mix
54 Jackfruit Ready to serve products
55 Jackfruit blending products
56 Jack fruit bakery products
57 Jackfruit bars
58 Jackfruit blended candies
59 Jackfruit seed powder
60 Raw jack powder

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