Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Knowing that Nature never did betray
The heart that loved her. - William wordsworth.
I read in the newspaper last week that Govt.of Kerala is joining hands with Malayala Manorama to supply tree saplings to all households in Kerala. I think it is high time that such a socially responsible action to be taken.
As I am a regular traveller for the past 21 years , I have seen and felt the effects of deforestation. And learning from all these, in my farm which lies in the plains, I have started planting trees since 2004. Now we are able to feel the difference in temperature/ fertility of the farm. I am getting lot of small birds and animals as visitors in my farm daily.
We should encourage friends/ relatives to plant trees around their house, instead of laying pavement tiles/ concreting all around.
Few months earlier, I read about a person in the high ranges who gives tree saplings as gift when he goes for any housewarming function. What a wonderful idea!! The person will be remembered as long as the trees are there in the yard. How many gifts have you recieved in your life ? Can you identify the person who gave it to you ??

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