Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toddy Tippler

Last Saturday, we had my uncles and cousin visiting us with their family. They came here to have good toddy, which I get from our farm itself. But as usual, we were short soon and had to make a trip to The toddy shop at Poochackal. As the owners are known to us, we were able to get good toddy, and we had real spicy fish curry, mussels ( Kakka), Puttu and kappa as accompaniments. Sitting there, I was thinking of the variety of foods available in toddy shops.
There is one toddy shop near Kallara in Kottayam dist., which is reachable after a short walk thru the varambu in the paddy fields. Excellent backwater fish like Karimeen, prawns, crab, natholi etc are available. To enjoy the food, you will have to fight with mosquitoes as the shop is in the middle of paddy fields.
Then there is one at Keezhambara, near Bharananganam, which is famous for Pork, fish, Nadan Kozhi curry, Unnakkirachy ( Dried beef- fried). There you will get both coconut and palm toddy. The place is set in a coconut grove, a drive in kind of place and is on the banks of river meenachil. Oh, I left out Pattanakkad toddy shop which is right on highway and the speciality is Meen Thala (fish head) curry. Really spicy.. but Umm.. Yummy...
I long to get into the one near Kulamavu dam, It has and inviting menu displayed by the road side, and overlooks the dam. It is a toddy shop with a view. Usually when I travel thru Kulamavu, it gets dark, hence no chance to get in till date.
You have few at Kumarakom, which gives you good food and variety, but a little touristic. The toddy may not be that good, but worth trying the food.
There is one near Panangad bridge which is famous for Liver fry and Thalakkary. Kalabhavan Mani is the brand ambassador.
Wherever it may be, nobody will deny the joy of having good food ( But spicy..)with a tippling of few glasses of toddy(irrespective of the quality).
More Toddy shops are being researched. Will keep on posting.

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